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Patterns of Nature- Quail & Poppy

Patterns of Nature- Quail & Poppy

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This hand-carved and hand-printed Lino cut design was inspired by my local Northern California wildlife. Representing the California state bird, the quail, and our state flower, the poppy. The patterns take influence from the ancient ruins of Oaxaca Mexico which holds a special place in my heart.

This print is for nature lovers, plant and animal enthusiasts, and lovers of art in all its forms. 11"x17" Print.

This limited edition run of 50 prints comes in 4 different paper types. The orange and teal paper is in-laid with plant material, it is very textured and delicate. The blue is paper that my grandfather used for screen printing. The cream paper is archival paper. There are 10 of each paper type. Once the 50 editions are sold this print will not be sold again.

- All rights remain to the artist, even after the sale

Thanks for supporting my small business.

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